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Truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Truck Accidents

At the snap of a finger, your life changed when an 18-wheeler weighing several tons collided with your family’s car. You and family members have suffered catastrophic injuries. Even with the most effective rehabilitation and treatment, you will never be the same.

It really is no contest when a big-rig truck crashes into any smaller vehicle. In western Georgia, we see an abundance of large trucks on the road due to the presence of Interstate 185 and U.S. Highways 80 and 27. An accident with a large truck can lead to severe and permanent injuries. This can include spinal cord-related injuries resulting in paralysis, traumatic brain injury, severe fractures and the loss of a limb.

Negligence from drivers and trucking companies

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 885 people were killed in 2018 in accidents involving large trucks. Such fatal crashes increased nearly 1% compared with the previous year. The agency also noted that traffic fatalities that year decreased in nearly every segment, except for mishaps involving large trucks and pedestrian/pedal cyclist accidents.

Negligence is often the cause of large truck accidents, which can be attributed to actions or inactions of the truck driver, trucking company or other organizations involved with a trucking fleet. Here are some of the causes of large truck accidents:

  • Driver-related: Reckless driving, distracted driving, speeding, fatigue and exhaustion after long hours on the road, and impaired driving due to alcohol or drug use.
  • Truck company-related: Retaining inexperienced and dangerous drivers, failing to properly train drivers, failing to promote safety, and failing to maintain a trucking fleet in top driving condition.
  • Maintenance-related: Mechanics whose negligence in repairing and maintaining a truck results in a serious or fatal accident.
  • Shipment-related: Improperly loaded trucks can cause accidents when cargo shifts inside.

You did not ask for this. A collision with a large truck has led to costly medical bills, the loss of income, rehabilitation and, perhaps, even the remodeling of your home to accommodate your injuries. On top of that, you must confront insurance companies that skirt responsibility. This is a good time to contact a skilled personal injury attorney.

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