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Slow drivers can be dangerous too

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Car Accidents

Speeders aren’t the only drivers that can cause car accidents in Georgia. People who drive significantly below the speed limit can also put other people on the road at risk. While it’s a safe driving practice to slow down during inclement weather conditions, it’s not safe to reduce your speed to a crawl on a sunny day.

The dangers of slow driving

It’s one thing to drive a few miles under the speed limit everywhere you go. It’s another thing to drive at school zone speeds on a crowded highway. People who drive drastically slower than every other car on the road interfere with the flow of traffic. When those who are traveling at a rate that is close to the speed limit approach a slow driver that they were not expecting, there could be an accident.

Slow driving is illegal

Drivers can be pulled over and given tickets if they are found to be going much slower than the speed limit. Police may charge slow drivers with moving violations like impeding traffic or blocking traffic.

In some areas of the country, it is unlawful to let too many cars pile up behind you when you are driving on a two-lane road. It is customary, and in some places required, for a driver to pull over and to let piled up cars pass by.

Slow drivers may be punished for their driving histories with higher car insurance rates because of their moving violations. If a slow driver causes an accident, he or she could also face personal injury claims from the injured victims.

How to avoid accidents with slow drivers

It is usually a good idea to pass cars that are traveling well below the speed limit. Slow drivers are sometimes under the influence of drugs or alcohol, so they could be unpredictable. If it is impossible to pass a slow driver right away, try to keep a safe following distance in case the driver suddenly slams on the brakes.

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