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What injuries do car accidents often cause?

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents happen without warning, and drivers might feel lulled into assuming the day will go forward without any problems. A negligent driver could upend a harmonious drive, sending the victims to a Georgia emergency room. Just as car accidents vary in terms of circumstances and severity, there are differences among injuries. A review of common injuries may shed light on the harm so many suffer.

Common injuries resulting from vehicle collisions

Although a car accident could be a scary incident, there might be no injuries or only minor ones. Whiplash, a troubling neck injury derived from the violent back-and-forth snapping of the neck, is both common and minor. Often, whiplash incidents happen after a rear-impact collision, and such impact could cause severe damage to the vehicle.

Besides whiplash, minor injuries may also include both bruising and swelling. It bears mentioning that a doctor is the most competent person to diagnose an injury as “minor.” Someone might not feel much pain, but there could be internal, life-threatening injuries.

Headaches may seem like minor problems, but they could indicate a severe condition. A person with a terrible concussion or another head injury may experience headaches.

Similarly, someone suffering from numbness or tingling might have nerve damage or a spinal injury, among other possible issues. Again, a thorough medical examination may reveal the full scope of the problem.

Treatment and problems after a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents that cause injuries might leave someone with medical bills and other financial issues. Some unable to work for months could lose significant earnings.

Some injuries may prove life-altering. Careers might end after someone suffers a permanent disability. That person could require extensive care for the rest of his or her life.

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