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Driving slower can help save lives and decrease injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Car Accidents

Thousands of people are killed in traffic crashes each year. Many more become permanently disabled due to motor vehicle accidents. In many of these incidents, speed is often a factor, which is why it’s essential to follow the speed limit when driving in Georgia. This action should help decrease car wrecks and the turmoil they bring to people’s lives.

Driving too fast for road conditions

Speed limits are designed to keep everyone safe. Following them is crucial to the physical welfare and lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. However, it’s also essential to drive according to road conditions. Going too fast on different surfaces can result in a car crash and death. Here is the percentage of fatal car crashes occurring in one year due to speeding on different road conditions:

  • 19% on dry roads
  • 45% on roads with standing or moving water
  • 47% on roads with dirt, mud or gravel

Driving slower can help save lives

Statistics indicate that for every one mile-per-hour reduction in vehicle speed on urban streets, traffic fatalities decreased by 6%. Driving slower has been shown to help reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries. Driving faster can result in decreased depth perception for a driver. In contrast, driving slower gives drivers a wider field of vision, allowing them to notice other road users and pedestrians.

Ability to stop quicker

Driving at a lower speed lets you stop within a shorter distance. Doing so can be helpful in avoiding a collision with another vehicle or pedestrian. When driving faster, the time it takes to react and brake to a stop increases, resulting in a car accident.

Following the speed limit is essential to stay safe and keep others from getting harmed or killed. It’s the law designed to help ensure everyone’s safety on the road.

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