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Car crashes lead to child deaths

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Car Accidents

The topic of child fatalities is a grim one, and many parents would not like to read such stories. However, knowing about the dangers provides a way to prepare and, hopefully, prevent these incidents in Georgia. Many adults might not understand that car accidents are a major cause of children’s deaths. Sadly, a great many fatal crashes occurred due to someone’s negligence.

Vehicle collisions and children’s deaths

The total number of children’s deaths in vehicle accidents is significant. Parents and other adults might feel stunned that an average of two children under age 13 died each day in car crashes in 2019. Nothing changed in subsequent years that might reduce the numbers, and negligence remains a common reason for those deaths.

Adults might help save lives by using child seats properly. Failing to place a young child in a seat and choosing to hold the young one in a lap may be a regrettable decision. Putting a child in a car seat without proper care may also lead to an injury or death.

Even when adults do everything correctly, a child could become fatally wounded in a car crash. A T-bone crash resulting from a driver too intoxicated or distracted to realize the light long ago turned red may be the reason. Tragically, no one can predict when an accident will happen or how. However, victims could take vital steps after the accident to deal with the incident.

Negligence and child injuries

While a lawsuit won’t bring a child back after an accident, the litigation could deter others from committing moving violations. Mercifully, many children survive car crashes but may face life-changing injuries. An insurance settlement could cover the care.

Defective child safety seats might lead to a product liability lawsuit as well.

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