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Spinal stenosis and car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury

An unexpected misadventure on a Georgia road could lead to a vehicle collision. The cars involved need not travel at high speeds for the victims to suffer significant injuries. Those injuries might impact the spine, leaving the victim potentially paralyzed. Others may suffer from the less catastrophic injuries that are still very serious.

Spinal stenosis

When the space inside the backbone narrows, pressure may build on the spine and connected nerves. This condition, known as spinal stenosis, might result in pain in the back and neck region. A person suffering from spinal stenosis might not experience symptoms immediately but could develop in time. Numbness and tingling are two symptoms along with pain and balance issues.

People suffering from spinal stenosis may find that their condition improves with medication or physical therapy. However, some patients might require surgery to address their troubles. Surgery may necessitate a recovery period, which could be lengthy. Also, some may recover from spinal stenosis but deal with other lingering problems, including arthritis. When motor vehicle accidents cause spinal injuries, chances are the victim will have other physical ailments plaguing them. Whiplash, fractures and lacerations may result.

Car accidents and spinal injuries

Surgeries and subsequent rehabilitation could leave someone unable to work. Bills and financial problems may accumulate unless the victim seeks a path for compensation. When negligence causes a car accident, the victim might file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit. The action could involve seeking punitive damages based on a driver’s reckless behavior.

Negligence and recklessness could take numerous forms. Drunk driving, speeding, tailgating and other dangerous practices may cause accidents. The same might be true with distracted or fatigued driving. Those behaviors could also constitute negligence.

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