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Driving cars that are no longer safe

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Car Accidents

A motor vehicle accident might result in no injuries to the drivers or passengers but could result in some damage to the involved vehicles. Sometimes, the damage may appear minor, leading the parties to assume the car is fine. Georgia drivers could regret their decisions to self-assess a vehicle’s safety after an accident.

Post-accident vehicle safety

Depending on the impact, a car involved in a motor vehicle collision might suffer internal damage that could cause various problems. A car’s owner may attempt to ignore the issue, assuming the vehicle’s not unsafe to drive. Concerns about paying repair bills not covered by insurance or paying a high deductible may guide such attitudes. So, if the owner sees fluids leaking out, they may believe the problem involves little more than adding more fluid. However, the vehicle might be unsafe to drive when oil or brake fluid leaks.

Damage to the tires and wheels may result. A standard wheel alignment could address problems with skewed wheel angles. Not correcting the wheel issue might result in problems with keeping the vehicle in a lane, as the car could pull. Tires may suffer expedited wear, putting them at risk of a blowout.

Issues with the electrical system could occur far out of the driver’s sight. Electrical problems may be highly dangerous, as a fire might break out. Cracked or broken mirrors might be apparent, but the driver could assume they can drive without pristine mirrors. Accidents might happen when the driver can’t see objects in the mirror.

Mechanical troubles and liabilities

Anyone who takes an unsafe vehicle on the road could be responsible for resultant car crashes. Refusing to fix an obvious problem may be gross negligence, leaving the driver open to legal troubles.

Driving with worn or damaged brakes, lights or tires puts other road users at risk. These negligent motorists who are responsible for injuring others could face a civil lawsuit.

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