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Why Georgia drivers should drive defensively

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Many Georgia drivers get their licenses while in high school and then spend the rest of their lives driving. Even though they use those skills day in and day out, most Georgia drivers might not know about defensive driving.

What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving refers to a set of techniques that help drivers be more aware of dangers on the road. Some of these potential dangers are:

• Inclement weather

• Damaged road surfaces

• Random debris

• Other drivers

The techniques used in defensive driving help make the driver more cognizant of these potential dangers, allowing them to react quickly in order to avoid an accident. The good news is that most drivers are already driving defensively.

What are the skills used in defensive driving?

All good drivers should practice a majority of the techniques in defensive driving. The baseline skill is to be alert and already look for potential dangers.

Some – like a giant piece of debris in the middle of the road – will be obvious. But training yourself to pay close attention when driving can teach you to notice other things such as if a car seems to be driving unsafely.

The other part of driving safely is taking your time and allowing speeding cars to pass by. Going the speed limit gives defensive drivers more time to react to sudden changes in traffic.

You also want to stay calm and avoid any distractions. These distractions could come in the form of your phone or even a good song on the radio. Staying calm can help you better react and avoid motor vehicle accidents.

It might seem exhausting to constantly be defensive when you’re driving. But staying extra alert isn’t a bad thing. Driving shouldn’t be stressful, but if you relax too much and let your mind drift off, you could inadvertently cause an accident.

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