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Signs of a driver who is distracted

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

You might do everything possible to monitor your driving habits while driving in Georgia. However, there are times when other drivers might be distracted, which could result in an accident. There are a few ways that you can spot this type of driver.

Traffic signs and signals

One of the common signs of a distracted driver is ignoring traffic lights or road signs. If this happens, car crashes can sometimes occur due to drivers not expecting that someone wouldn’t stop or yield.


Most of the time, drivers tend to stay in their own lane. If a driver is distracted by things like talking on a phone, talking to other people who are in the car, or performing other activities that result in taking their eyes off the road, then they could drift out of their lane. While drifting from one lane to another, the driver could hit an oncoming car or cause other drivers to hit each other.

Looking around

You might like looking at the scenery while you’re driving. However, if you notice someone constantly looking down at a phone or another object or turning their head from side to side, they could be too distracted to drive safely. When the driver’s eyes are taken off the road for even a few moments, it could result in the driver not being able to stop fast enough or performing other actions that result in an accident.

All drivers should be aware of the signs of distracted driving. This awareness can prevent deadly accidents.

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