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When The Doctors Mess Up, They Should Be The Ones To Foot The Bill

Medical professionals make mistakes, and those mistakes can mean serious injuries for their patients. While no one is perfect, it is also important that doctors, nurses, technicians and medical providers take responsibility for the consequences.

My name is Bill Buchanan; I am a personal injury attorney with years of experience helping my clients recover from serious accidents. When others cause your injuries, Bill Buchanan, LLC makes sure to send them the bill. Based in Columbus, I work across Georgia to obtain a fair and complete settlement for medical malpractice claims. Call me today at Bill Buchanan, LLC.

Medical Malpractice Happens More Than You Think

We like to think of hospitals and doctors’ offices as places where mistakes do not happen. Unfortunately, staffing issues, supply shortages and simple human error are very common. The results can be devastating. For instance:

  • An error in dosage or administration of a medication can mean serious side effects
  • An anesthesiology error can lead to permanent injury or death
  • A mistaken diagnosis can mean serious worsening of an illness or even a failure to diagnose a disease entirely
  • An issue during surgery can lead to devastating internal damage

Overworked staff and bustling medical settings can mean any one of these scenarios, or one like it, can change your life. I make sure that your settlement accounts for your bills and for the ongoing damage that results.

Send The Hospital The Bill

You should not pay for someone else’s mistakes. I work to obtain a comprehensive settlement outside of court whenever possible. When insurance companies refuse, I take them to court. You can reach me at my office to schedule a free consultation.